Posted by: lyriclemon | August 15, 2010

Why am I writing in the left-hand lane?

I’m not left-handed.

In the USA, where I was born and where I live now, drivers typically move into the left-hand lane to pass other vehicles. The left-hand lane is known as the “fast lane.”

That’s exactly where I want to be when I write–in the fast lane.

Also, I’m an ardent Anglophile who has visited the UK often, and upon two separate occasions, actually lived there. I attended an English boarding school in London as a teen. Although I have never driven in London, I vividly remember “riding in the left-hand lane.”

Thanks for finding me here in the left-hand lane! I hope you’ll enjoy the journey. Now hang on tight…here we go!



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    • I enjoy your writing. Looking forward to more travel writing adventures!

    • Please accept this award for your awesome blog ^_^

      • Thank you so much, Dawn!

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  2. Hi, Nancy. I can’t wait to read your fast-lane writing!

  3. WOW! I am proud to know some one living in the fast lane.

  4. Congratulations. Enjoy the ride!

  5. Welcome to blogging, Nancy! Join me anytime.

  6. I am a technical writer, which is definitely not in the fast lane. Your blog will be fun.

  7. I too like to drive in the fast lane. Hope to see you there. 🙂

  8. Thanks so much, Lisa, Patsy, Terri, Dawn, Brad, and Lindsay!

    Lindsay, I don’t usually drive in the fast lane, though–I just live there and write there!

  9. Thanks, Liz! I’m glad you’ll be along for the ride!

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